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Reseller Hosting

Reseller Hosting in the Philippines refers to a type of web hosting that allows a small business, web developer, web designer, entrepreneur, or startup (the reseller) to purchase a web hosting provider package at wholesale, provision, brand (white label), and resell to their customers at a profit. 

Reseller Hosting in the Philippines

Reseller Hosting Features in the Philippines

 All the Essentials

This solution ensures that managing your website is fast and simple by providing a single dashboard. With the Softaculous script installer, you can easily set up popular Content Management Systems such as WordPress, Joomla, Magento, and more. Additionally, the package includes a control panel that allows you to create private nameservers. Enjoy unmetered bandwidth to handle high volumes of traffic and protect your clients with built-in firewalls and anti-virus software while also being able to add unlimited domains to your plan.

WHM Control

With Web Host Manager (WHM), you have the ability to create and customize hosting accounts for your clients. WHM provides administrative access to cPanel’s backend, empowering you to effectively manage settings and content. Each client’s account is safeguarded from your own settings, ensuring separate management.

Account Management Tools

Maximize the potential of your business with our extensive toolkit. Whether you want to streamline client invoicing or customize the cPanel logo, our suite of tools has got you covered. Benefit from the WHMCS billing platform, white-label marketing tools, the SSL reseller program in the Philippines, and a wide array of other resources to enhance your business operations.

24/7 Support

The Truehost Cloud Reseller Hosting in the Philippines support team operates 24/7 and demonstrates exceptional proficiency in promptly resolving customer queries.

SSD Cpanel, Immunify, Jetbackup, Domain Names Reseller

Silver Reseller

Save 20%

₱1199.4/mo when you renew

  • 50GB Disk Space
  • 50 Cpanel Accounts
  • 500GB bandwidth
  • Free Domain Reseller Automation
  • Free WHMCS Setup

Gold Reseller

Save 12%

₱1829.4/mo when you renew

  • 100 GB Disk Space
  • 75 Cpanel Accounts
  • 1TB bandwidth
  • Free Domain Reseller Automation
  • Private Nameservers
  • Free WHMCS Setup

Platinum Reseller

Save 24%

₱4559.4/mo when you renew

  • 150 GB Disk Space
  • 200 Cpanel Accounts
  • 1.5TB bandwidth
  • Free Domain Reseller Automation
  • Free WHMCS Setup
  • Private Nameservers

FAQs Reseller Hosting in the Philippines

What is Reseller Hosting?

Reseller hosting is an excellent opportunity for individuals or businesses looking to start their own web hosting company in the Philippines.

It allows you to purchase a hosting package from a reputable provider and then resell it to your customers under your brand.

This means you can offer web hosting services without investing in expensive infrastructure or technical expertise.

One of the main advantages of reseller hosting is that it provides a low-cost entry into the web hosting industry.

You can start your business with minimal investment and gradually scale up as you acquire more customers.

Additionally, reseller hosting in the Philippines often comes with comprehensive management tools that make it easy to manage multiple accounts, set pricing, and provide customer support.

Another benefit of reseller hosting is that it allows you to focus on building and growing your brand while leaving the technical aspects of server management to the original hosting provider.

This frees up your time and resources to concentrate on marketing, sales, and customer satisfaction.

With reseller hosting, you can create a profitable business by leveraging the infrastructure and reputation of an established web host while maintaining control over your own brand identity.

How does Reseller Hosting work?

Reseller hosting in the Philippines is an excellent option for individuals or businesses looking to start their own web hosting business without needing expensive infrastructure and technical expertise.

It works by purchasing a reseller hosting package from a reputable hosting provider, which allows you to allocate resources and create individual hosting accounts for your clients.

Once you have purchased the reseller hosting package, you can customize it with your branding and set your own pricing plans.

You can then market and sell these hosting packages to your clients, who will have access to their own control panel where they can manage their websites, domains, email accounts, and other features.

The beauty of reseller hosting is that it allows you to focus on building and growing your business without having to worry about server management or technical support.

The hosting provider takes care of all the backend tasks such as server maintenance, security updates, and customer support, allowing you to fully concentrate on providing excellent service to your clients.

And with the right marketing strategy and customer support in place, reseller hosting can be a lucrative business opportunity for those interested in the web hosting industry.

What are the Main Benefits of a Reseller Hosting Plan?

The main benefits of a reseller hosting plan are that you can start your own web hosting business in a short amount of time and make money in the process. The other major benefit is that you can choose how much space and bandwidth you want for your business.

How do I become a hosting reseller with Truehost?

It’s easy. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Select your desired Reseller Hosting plan (Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum).
  2. Create your web hosting website using a CMS of your choice. 
  3. Choose the type of hosting (Shared, Dedicated, VPS) you’d like to sell to your clients.
  4. Set up your WHMCS billing platform to start automating your sales.
  5. Finally, start promoting your new business to attract potential clients to your website in order to drive sales.

How Does Reseller Hosting Differ from Shared Hosting?

Reseller hosting and shared hosting are both types of hosting services in the Philippines, but they differ in terms of the control and resources provided to the user.

Shared hosting is a popular option for individuals or small businesses who want to host their website without the hassle of managing server resources.

In shared hosting, multiple websites are hosted on a single server, sharing its resources such as CPU, RAM, and storage.

This means that the performance of your website can be affected by other websites on the same server.

Shared hosting is typically more affordable than reseller hosting as the cost is divided among multiple users.

On the other hand, reseller hosting is designed for individuals or businesses who want to start their own web hosting business. With reseller hosting, you purchase a large amount of server resources from a web hosting provider and then divide and sell them to your own clients.

This allows you to create individual cPanel accounts for each client and offer them their own separate control panels.

Reseller hosting in the Philippines gives you more control over server resources and allows you to customize plans and pricing for your clients.

However, it also requires more technical knowledge and management skills compared to shared hosting.

What are WHM and WHMCS?

WHM stands for Web Hosting Manager and WHMCS stands for Web Host Manager Complete Solution. These are two separate software that is used to manage hosting services.

WHM is software that can be used by companies, organizations, and individuals who need to manage their cPanel accounts.

WHMCS is the control panel that allows users to automate billing and support accounts. As such, WHMCS is necessary for hosting resellers to automate billing processes.

Does Reseller Hosting include Email Hosting?

Yes! Reseller gives you access to unlimited email accounts as well as Email Authentication and POP3/IMAP features for every shared hosting account.

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