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Does Blogger App in the Philippines Pay You?

As a digital marketing expert with over 10 years of experience in the blogging and content creation industry, I get asked this question a lot – does the Blogger app pay Filipino bloggers?

The short answer is yes, you can absolutely earn money as a blogger using the Blogger platform in the Philippines. However, how much you earn depends on various factors.

In this comprehensive article, I will provide an in-depth look at how Filipino bloggers can monetize their content on Blogger and start earning an income. We’ll cover various monetization strategies,requirements,tips and best practices to help you be a successful blogger in the Philippines.

How Bloggers in the Philippines Can Earn from Blogger

There are a few effective ways Filipino bloggers using the Blogger platform can earn money:

  • Google AdSense – This is the most popular and easiest way for bloggers on Blogger to monetize their content by displaying Google ads.
  • Affiliate Marketing – Promoting and selling other brands’ products and services and earning commissions.
  • Sponsored Posts – Getting paid by brands to create content promoting their products/services.
  • Sell Products/Services – You can sell your own digital or physical products, services, and courses.
  • Donations – Your readers can support your work by donating to you directly.

Let’s explore each of these monetization avenues in more detail:

Google AdSense

Google AdSense is the easiest way for Blogger users in the Philippines to make money from their blogs. It allows you to make money by displaying Google ads on your blog pages. You’ll earn money every time a visitor clicks on any of the ads displayed on your blog.

Here are some tips to maximize your AdSense earnings on Blogger:

  • Place ads in optimal positions like in between content, in sidebars, header, footer etc. Avoid overcrowding any section with too many ads.
  • Ensure your site offers engaging content so visitors stay longer reading your content and interacting with ads.
  • Make your content scan-friendly – use headings, bullet points, bold text etc. This increases pages views and interactions.
  • Target keywords and content that have higher advertiser demand and cost-per-click rates. Some examples are finance, technology, and travel.
  • Have a good site speed and user experience – this increases click-through rates.
  • Regularly review your metrics like RPM, CTR, impressions etc. and optimize accordingly.

With smart optimization and growing traffic, Filipino bloggers can earn $100 to $500+ per month from AdSense on Blogger.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing can be highly lucrative for Pinoy bloggers on Blogger. This involves:

  • Promoting relevant products and services from other brands/companies
  • Earning commissions when readers purchase through your affiliate links

Some examples of affiliate programs with Filipino blogger friendly offerings:

  • Amazon Associates – Promote Amazon products. Commission rates up to 10%.
  • Lazada Affiliates – Earn by promoting Lazada products. Up to 12% commission rates.
  • Airbnb – Earn by referring users to book stays. You can get up to $100 per sign up.
  • Agoda – Affiliate commissions for hotel bookings referred through your links.
  • Travelpayouts – Airline and hotel affiliate programs with good commissions.

The key tips to effectively implement affiliate marketing strategies as a Pinoy blogger on Blogger are:

  • Choose affiliate programs that align with your blog’s niche.
  • Transparently integrate affiliate links within relevant content. Don’t overtly spam links.
  • Build trust by reviewing affiliate products/services before recommending them.
  • Track traffic sources and optimize your affiliate links and promotions.
  • Use affiliate links intelligently in blog posts, sidebars, popups,forum signatures etc.

With affiliate marketing, Filipino bloggers on Blogger can potentially earn $500 to $2000+ per month in commissions with good traffic and promotion.

Sponsored Posts

Accepting paid sponsorships from brands is a lucrative monetization avenue for Filipino bloggers using Blogger.

You can earn by creating sponsored posts, reviews, spotlights etc for brands in exchange for a sponsorship fee.

Some tips for effectively offering sponsored post packages as a Blogger user:

  • Clearly communicate your sponsorship rates and packages upfront.
  • Ensure sponsored content aligns with your niche and audience interests.
  • Be upfront about sponsorships by using “Sponsored” or “Paid Ad” labels.
  • Assess potential ROI for brands from the sponsorship to justify your fees.
  • Offer value-added services like social media promotion, giveaways etc.
  • Maintain editorial control over sponsored posts to ensure quality and transparency.

By pitching and negotiating attractive sponsorship packages, Filipino bloggers on Blogger can potentially earn $500 to $1000+ per sponsored post.

Sell Products/Services Directly

Blogger provides seamless options to add payment buttons and integrations to enable Filipino bloggers to directly sell products and services from their blogs.

Some ideas of products/services you can sell directly as a Blogger user:

  • Digital Products – eBooks, courses, graphics, Word/Canva templates, photography, stock images etc.
  • Physical Products – T-shirts, handicrafts, baked goods, artworks, stickers, pins, merch etc.
  • Freelance Services – Content writing, social media management, graphic design, consultancy etc.
  • Paid Memberships – Give access to special content or offers for a monthly/annual fee
  • Web Advertising – Sell ad space via direct ad sales, Google Ad Manager etc.

Tips to successfully sell products and services directly on Blogger:

  • Leverage your expertise and content to ideate relevant offerings.
  • Promote your offerings through website popups, banners, articles etc.
  • Make the purchase process easy by integrating payment platforms like PayPal.
  • Focus on providing value first rather than hard selling.

By leveraging your skills and audience, you can potentially earn $500 to $2000+ in revenue per month selling products/services as a Filipino blogger on Blogger.


Enabling donations is an easy option for Filipino bloggers on Blogger to get financial support directly from their loyal readers.

You can add options for one-time donations or recurring monthly donations. Some tips:

  • Be clear on how donations will help support and expand your blogging.
  • Don’t overfocus on donations alone – keep providing great content.
  • Use popups, banners and blog posts to highlight your donation information.
  • Partner with causes and charities to expand donation revenues.

While harder to predict, dedicated Pinoy bloggers on Blogger can potentially earn $100 to $500+ per month via donations.

Requirements for Monetizing on Blogger in Philippines

To legally earn money as a blogger on Blogger in the Philippines, you need to fulfill these key requirements:

  • Blogger/Google AdSense Account – The first step is signing up for a free Blogger account and getting approved for AdSense.
  • GCash Account – To receive your earnings from Google, you need a GCash account. AdSense disbursements can only be received in GCash in the Philippines.
  • Tax Requirements – Depending on your annual earnings, you may need to file taxes. Consult an accountant to ensure tax compliance.
  • Comply with Laws – Your blog content and monetization avenues shouldn’t violate any laws in the Philippines.

Additionally, each monetization avenue like affiliate marketing, advertisements etc have their own program policies that Filipino bloggers need to comply with.

Overall, monetizing as a blogger using the Blogger platform is very convenient and accessible for Filipinos. Just ensure you fulfill the requirements to stay compliant while earning.

Tips for Successful Blogger Monetization in the Philippines

Here are some best practices Pinoy bloggers on Blogger should follow to maximize their monetization potential:

  • Provide Value First – Focus on building traffic by providing quality content consistently before hard monetization. Don’t let earning become bigger than your mission.
  • Enhance Site Speed – Having a fast loading site ensures visitors stay longer and interact with monetization avenues better. Optimize images, coding, hosting etc.
  • Build Email List – Collect emails to keep monetizing through promotions even if Google algo affects traffic. Email subscribers directly about offers.
  • Promote Content Smartly – Leverage social media and SEO to promote your best monetizable content focused on buyer keywords and topics.
  • Stay Updated on Trends – Keep learning more profitable skills like video content, influencer marketing, affiliate management etc relevant for today’s market.
  • Maintain Transparency – Clearly disclose sponsored content and be transparent about monetization to build reader trust. Don’t spam or mislead.

By implementing these best practices, Pinoy bloggers on Blogger will be better positioned to earn good income over the long-term.

Common Blogging Monetization Mistakes to Avoid

Here are some key mistakes Filipino bloggers on Blogger should avoid:

  • Putting monetization before value and traffic. Don’t try to heavily monetize a new blog from day one.
  • Aggressive over-promotion of products. Avoid making your blog feel like an online marketplace.
  • Ignoring compliance with Google and other program policies. This can lead to banning and non-payment.
  • Lack of transparency with readers. Clearly inform readers when content is sponsored.
  • Copy-pasting content or clickbait articles just for monetization. Google will penalize you.
  • Not tracking analytics to optimize monetization avenues. Evaluate data to improve performance.
  • Sharing too many affiliate links without offering helpful info. Don’t spam links without context.

By avoiding these mistakes, Pinoy bloggers on Blogger can build sustainable income streams.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common FAQsFilipino bloggers have about monetizing with Blogger:

How much can a beginner blogger in the Philippines earn?

As a beginner, you can expect to earn $50 to $300 per month on average. Earnings scale up as you grow traffic and implement more monetization strategies.

How much traffic do I need to earn well as a blogger?

You can start monetizing even with 1000 visitors per month. But to earn over $1000+ per month, you’ll likely need 50,000+ monthly visitors.

What niche is best for earning money blogging in the Philippines?

Finance, tech, travel, education, business, and entertainment tend to be niches with good earning potential for Pinoy bloggers. Choose based on your expertise.

Can I use other platforms like Wix or Weebly instead of Blogger?

Yes, platforms like, Wix and Weebly also allow bloggers to monetize similarly. Blogger offers a simpler approach for beginners.

Is it possible to earn as both a blogger and social media influencer?

Absolutely! Many bloggers complement their blog income with social media promotions and branded content deals.

Wrap Up

I hope this comprehensive guide covers everything Filipino bloggers need to know about successfully earning money from the Blogger platform.

With powerful monetization avenues like Google AdSense, affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, and product sales, bloggers in the Philippines can earn good income.

Remember to always focus on value first before monetization. Build your credibility and audience before aggressively selling. Maintain transparency. Avoid over-promoting.

Begin implementing the tips and best practices outlined above, and you too can build a profitable blogging business from the Blogger platform as a Pinoy blogger!

TLDR Key Summary Points

  • Filipino bloggers can earn from Google AdSense, affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, selling own products/services, and donations.
  • To monetize legally, fulfil Blogger and AdSense account requirements, have GCash, and comply with taxes and laws.
  • Provide value to readers first before monetizing. Optimize site speed. Build email lists. Promote effectively.
  • Avoid common mistakes like putting monetization before value/traffic, over-promoting, ignoring policies, lack of transparency etc.
  • With smart optimization, Filipino bloggers on Blogger can earn $100 to $2000+ per month based on factors like niche, traffic etc.

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