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How Much Can You Earn From Blogging in the Philippines?

Blogging has become an increasingly popular way for people in the Philippines to earn extra income online.

With growing Internet users and rising interest in content creation, blogging presents a flexible opportunity to generate revenue.

However, income potential depends on several factors.

Average Earnings From Blogging in the Philippines

Most bloggers in the Philippines earn between ₱5,000 to ₱15,000 ($100 to $300) per month from their blogs. However, top bloggers can make ₱50,000 ($1,000) or more per month.

Factors that determine earnings include:

  • Niche – Popular niches like finance, tech, and travel tend to have higher earning potential. Choosing a profitable niche is important.
  • Traffic – More visitors to your site equals more potential income. Building traffic takes time but increases earnings.
  • Monetization – Actively using income sources like affiliate marketing and display ads maximizes revenue.
  • Content quality – Good writing and promotion to gain links builds authority for higher ad rates.
  • Work invested – Profitable blogging is hard work. More time invested equals higher income potential.

Time Required to Make $1,000 Per Month

Most bloggers take 6 months to 2 years to build their blog income to $1,000 per month. However, some bloggers achieve this milestone faster by:

  • Focusing on a profitable niche
  • Publishing high-quality content consistently
  • Promoting aggressively to build traffic
  • Monetizing effectively
  • Working full-time on their blog

Blogging is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Creating a stable $1,000 per month requires strong time and work investment.

For most, it takes 8-10 hours of work per week minimum. Patience and persistence pay off.

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Earnings Per 1,000 Page Views

Income per 1,000 page views varies greatly depending on monetization methods used.

  • Display ads – Earn $1 to $5 per 1,000 views, so 1 million views per month would generate $1,000 to $5,000.
  • Affiliate marketing – With a 1-2% conversion rate, 1,000 views can translate to $20 to $200 in commissions.
  • Sponsored posts – Earn $50 to $200+ for each sponsored post. Get 10 per month and earn $500 to $2,000.
  • Products – Earn a 60-70% commission on digital products sold. Just a few sales can equal $1,000.

Top earners combine multiple income streams, not just display ads. Affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, and digital products can dramatically increase earnings per view.

Profitability of Blogging in the Philippines

Blogging can absolutely be profitable in the Philippines. Key factors that impact profitability include:

  • Picking a niche with strong advertiser demand and affiliate programs. Tech, finance, and B2B niches have high earnings potential.
  • Building organic traffic by consistently publishing high-quality content and guest posting on other sites. More eyeballs on your content means more income.
  • Having a professional site that instills confidence and trust among readers. This increases clicks on ads and affiliate offers.
  • Actively monetizing by showing Google AdSense ads, joining affiliate programs, selling ad space, and creating products. Multiple income streams are best.
  • Reinvesting income to grow your audience and keep producing better content. Growth requires continual optimization.

With persistence and hard work, Filipino bloggers can build profitable sites that earn anywhere from a part-time to a full-time income. The opportunity is there.

How to Make $500 per Month From Blogging

Here are some tips to start earning $500 per month from blogging:

  • Pick a niche with profit potential – Research advertiser demand and affiliate programs first. Examples include finance, business, tech.
  • Start a blog on with a custom domain name and hosting account. Use a premium theme for a professional look.
  • Create 20+ blog posts with at least 2,000 words each. Optimize posts on-page and for SEO. Include affiliate links and ads.
  • Build traffic by promoting your content on social media, forums, and other blogs. Do outreach for backlinks. 500 pageviews per day is a good starting point.
  • Make money with:
  • Google AdSense – Place ads in site content and sidebars. Earn up to $5 per 1,000 views.
  • Affiliate marketing – Join programs like Amazon Associates and earn commissions from sales.
  • Sponsored posts – Charge brands $50+ to create sponsored content.
  • Reinvest income to improve your site, content, and traffic generation. Growth requires continual optimization.

With consistent effort over 6-12 months, you can build a blog earning $500 per month.

But it takes hard work and smart strategy.

Starting a Profitable Blog in the Philippines

Follow these steps to start a profitable blog in the Philippines:

Choose a Profitable Niche

To start a profitable blog in the Philippines, the first step is to choose a niche that has strong potential for earning income.

Good options include technology, business, finance, marketing or other topics with high advertiser demand.

Do keyword research to identify niches and specific topics with many searches and advertising opportunities.

Get Your Blog Started

Once you’ve selected a profitable niche, set up your blog with the critical elements needed for monetization and growth.

Register a custom domain name that matches your niche for building brand recognition.

Sign up for web hosting that is optimized for WordPress sites to ensure fast performance.

Install the WordPress software on your hosting account and choose a premium WordPress theme that looks professional.

And take time to customize your site’s design, settings, and navigation.

Create Valuable Content

  • Write posts 2,000+ words long on topics your niche wants
  • Include keywords in titles, URLs, headers, text, etc.
  • Format posts nicely with images, lists, tables, etc.
  • Publish 5-10 posts per month consistently

With the technical foundation built, it’s time to focus on creating valuable content.

Regularly publish in-depth blog posts that are over 2,000 words long on topics your target audience wants to read about.

Optimize your posts for SEO by including relevant keywords in the title, URL, headers, image names, and body text.

Format your content nicely with images, lists, tables, and quotes for better engagement.

Aim to publish 5-10 new monthly posts consistently so you build up a sizable library of content.

Build Audience Engagement

  • Get social media accounts to promote your content
  • Network with other blogs to build backlinks
  • Use email, forums, groups, etc. to connect with your niche
  • Respond to all comments and questions

Promoting your content and building an audience for your blog is critical for monetization.

Leverage social media platforms like Facebook and X (formerly Twitter) to share your posts and engage followers.

Network and guest post on other blogs in your niche to build backlinks.

Also, participate in forums, groups, and communities related to your topics.

Respond to all comments and questions to foster discussion.

The larger the engaged audience you have, the higher your income potential.

Monetize Your Blog

  • Join affiliate programs like Amazon Associates to earn commissions
  • Display Google AdSense banner ads
  • Sell sponsored posts to advertisers
  • Create an ebook, course, or membership site

Finally, incorporate monetization strategies to start earning money from your blog in the Philippines.

Join affiliate programs like Amazon Associates that allow you to earn commissions by promoting relevant products.

Display Google AdSense banner ads within your content.

And even sell sponsored posts and native ads to advertisers interested in reaching your audience.

You can also create products like ebooks, online courses, or premium memberships to sell to your audience.

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Track Income and Traffic

Continually track your traffic stats with Google Analytics and monitor your income streams.

Reinvest profits into further improving your content and promotion.

You can build a profitable blog in the Philippines with hard work and persistence.

You can earn good money blogging in the Philippines with hard work and persistence.

Stay focused on providing value, building traffic, and monetizing effectively.


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