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The Complete Guide to DTI, BIR Business Permit Registration in 2024

Summary: If you want to register any business in the Philippines, you must start with registering a unique business name with the DTI. Then, get a Barangay Clearance which will allow you to get a Business Permit (Mayor’s License). Keep in mind that the Mayor’s Permit may also be dependent on other clearances such as …

3 Ways to Get a Free Website and Make Money Online in Manila

Summary: Is it really possible to get a website completely free of charge? Yes, but it probably won’t be a very good one. If you want a website with zero money, your best choice is to set up a basic blog on or use the free website builder at If you’re looking for …

How To Sell Property Online In The Philippines

In the Philippines, more and more people are using the internet to sell their properties. It’s becoming really popular! Selling property online has a lot of advantages compared to traditional ways. You can reach more people and it’s often faster and easier. Today, we’re going to talk about how you can sell your property online …

How To Start Selling Paintings Online In The Philippines

Painting is a well-loved art in the Philippines, and lots of people enjoy buying beautiful artworks. Nowadays, many artists are discovering the benefits of selling paintings online in the Philippines. It’s a way to share your art with more people than just those who visit local galleries. Selling paintings online opens up a big world …

How To Start Selling Notes Online In The Philippines Today

Selling notes online is a great way for students in the Philippines to earn some extra money. Many students have found success in sharing their study materials with others who need them. If you’re looking for information on how to start selling notes online in the Philiooines, you’re in the right place!  In this article, …

Is Selling Online Taxable In The Philippines? Let’s Find Out!

In the Philippines, more and more people are selling things online. This is called e-commerce. Maybe you’ve heard of it! It’s when you sell stuff using the internet. A lot of people are starting to sell things online in the Philippines. Maybe you’re thinking about doing it too! But, there’s something important to know about …

How To Start Selling Photos Online In The Philippines

In today’s digital world, the demand for photos online is growing fast. People all over the globe, from businesses to bloggers, need high-quality images for their websites, social media, and projects. This growing demand has created a big opportunity for Filipino photographers to sell their photos online through stock sites. Think about it – every …

Strategies For Selling Homemade Food Online In The Philippines

In the Philippines, selling homemade food online has become a popular way for entrepreneurs to showcase their culinary skills and earn income from the comfort of their homes. With the rise of online platforms and the increasing demand for convenient food options, starting a home-based food business has become more accessible than ever. Today, many …

How To Start An Online Business In The Philippines

Are you looking for information on how to start an online business in the Philippines? It’s a great idea! Running an online business offers many opportunities and benefits. In this article, I’ll guide you through the steps to register, set up, and launch your online business in the Philippines. Starting an online business allows you …

Where To Get Suppliers For Online Business Philippines

In recent years, the Philippines has seen a significant rise in online businesses, also known as ecommerce. More and more people are turning to the internet to buy and sell goods and services. This growth reflects the changing landscape of how Filipinos shop and conduct business. Now, if you’re thinking about starting your own online …