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How Much is Website Hosting in the Philippines? Revealed

How much is website hosting in the Philippines?

Website hosting refers to the service of providing storage space and bandwidth on a web server to enable a website to be accessed via the internet.

Website hosting is a key part of having an online presence, and Philippine businesses and individuals have several options when it comes to choosing a hosting provider.

The cost of website hosting in the Philippines can vary quite a bit depending on the needs of the website owner and the features offered by the host.

Factors affecting website hosting costs in the Philippines

There are a few key factors that impact how much website hosting costs in the Philippines:

  • Hosting plan type – Shared, VPS, dedicated, cloud, etc. Shared plans are the most affordable, while dedicated servers are the most expensive.
  • Level of resources – Amount of storage space, bandwidth allowance, number of email accounts, etc. More resources mean higher cost.
  • Hosting features – SSL certificates, daily backups, caching, email marketing integrations, etc. More features usually equate to higher cost.
  • Hosting provider – Prices vary across different hosting companies.
  • Contract length – Longer contracts like 1-3 years can have cheaper monthly rates than monthly plans.

Understanding these factors will help Philippine website owners choose a hosting solution to fit their budget.

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Popular Hosting Plan Types in the Philippines

Shared hosting – Multiple websites hosted on a single server. Affordable but limited resources. Pricing starts around ₱100 per month.

WordPress hostingOptimized for WordPress sites. Pre-installed WordPress and auto updates. Starts around ₱71 per month.

VPS hosting – Virtual private server partitions resources for better performance. Starts around ₱600 per month.

Dedicated hosting – Entire server dedicated to one website. Maximum control and resources. Starts around ₱800+ per month.

Cloud hosting – Scalable resources using cluster of servers. High performance and uptime. Starts around ₱1000 per month.

Average website hosting costs in the Philippines

Here is an overview of the average monthly price for popular website hosting plans in the Philippines:

Hosting PlanStarting Price
Shared Hosting₱100 – ₱300
WordPress Hosting₱250 – ₱500
VPS Hosting₱600 – ₱1000
Dedicated Hosting₱800 – ₱1500
Cloud Hosting₱1000 – ₱3000

The prices above are just rough estimates for entry-level plans and will vary between hosting providers.

Factors like resources, features, and contract length can significantly impact the cost.

Many Philippine web hosting companies offer discounted introductory rates for the first term, so new website owners can get started with hosting for as low as ₱50-100 per month initially.

Popular website hosting providers in the Philippines

There are a number of well-known and reputable website hosting companies that cater to customers in the Philippines:

  • – International company. Offers shared, cloud, and VPS hosting. Prices from ₱141 per month.
  • Bluehost – Popular international host with WordPress optimization. Shared plans from ₱200 per month.
  • SiteGround – Fast performance and excellent support. Shared plans start at ₱270 per month.
  • GoDaddy – Globally recognized brand. Shared hosting from ₱100 per month.
  • DreamHost – Reliable uptime and unlimited bandwidth. Shared plans from ₱250 per month.
  • HostGator – Feature-packed shared and WordPress hosting. Plans from ₱150 per month.
  • Namecheap – Affordable VPS and dedicated servers. VPS plans from ₱650 per month.
  • – Local Filipino hosting company. Shared hosting from ₱166 per month.

Philippine website owners are encouraged to research hosting providers carefully based on their specific needs and budget.

Looking at customer reviews, uptime stats, and testing performance can help find the best value.

Factors that influence cost of website hosting in the Philippines

Some key factors that determine how much a website owner in the Philippines will pay for hosting include:

  • Disk space – Amount of storage for website files. Entry plans often 5GB to 50GB.
  • Monthly data transfer – Bandwidth allowance before overages. Often 100GB to unlimited.
  • Email accounts – Number of email addresses comes with plan. Typically 5 to unlimited.
  • MySQL databases – Databases for content management systems or web apps. Usually 10-20 on entry plans.
  • Subdomains – Extra domains that can be added to a hosting account. Typically 5-25 on starter plans.
  • SSL certificate – Https security for website. Included on some plans or ₱500-2000 per year.
  • Dedicated IP – Unique IP address for site. Add-on around ₱1000-2000 per month.
  • Server resources – RAM, CPU cores, etc on VPS and dedicated plans. More resources mean higher cost.
  • Server management – Managed VPS and dedicated servers have admin support and cost more.
  • Uptime guarantee – Some plans offer credits for downtime. Better uptime means higher prices.
  • Support options – Phone, chat, email, ticketing systems. 24/7 support costs more.

Understanding the variables above will help website owners select a hosting package tailored to their website needs and budget.

Being flexible on things like disk space, bandwidth, and support can reduce hosting costs.

Tips for reducing website hosting costs

Here are some tips Philippine website owners can use to lower their hosting costs:

  • Choose a shared hosting plan for new websites with low traffic
  • Select a plan with resources that match your needs to avoid overpaying
  • Look for introductory discounts that provide cheaper rates for the first term
  • Compare prices across multiple hosting providers
  • Opt for a longer contract term like 12-36 months to get cheaper rates
  • Register your domain and hosting separately to save on domain fees
  • Enable auto-renewals to maintain promotional pricing on renewals
  • Install caching plugins like WP Rocket to reduce bandwidth usage
  • Monitor site traffic and switch to a larger plan when needed
  • Use a CDN like Cloudflare to decrease bandwidth requirements
  • Avoid add-ons like dedicated IPs unless absolutely necessary
  • Use email marketing services like Mailchimp rather than paid email accounts
  • Limit use of multiple MySQL databases if not critical
  • Consider a VPS for more control at lower prices than dedicated hosting

With some research and flexibility, Philippine website owners can find quality and affordable website hosting suited to small budgets. following the tips above can help maximize value.

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Final Thoughts

In summary, the cost of website hosting in the Philippines can range from as little as ₱50 per month for basic shared hosting to over ₱3000 per month for advanced cloud hosting solutions. Entry-level shared hosting typically starts around ₱100-300 per month.

Factors like hosting features, resources, and provider determine the cost variability. Philippine website owners have many hosting options to choose from reputable international and local providers.

Carefully comparing plans and following tips like avoiding overpaying for resources can help reduce hosting costs.

And with the right provider and plan, quality website hosting in the Philippines can be very affordable.

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