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How Much Does a GoDaddy Domain Name Cost?

Registering a domain name is an important first step when establishing an online presence. Godaddy is one of the most popular domain registrars worldwide, including in the Philippines. But how much do their domain names cost for Philippine customers?

Overview of Godaddy Domain Prices

Domain ExtensionCurrent PriceOriginal PriceAdditional Details
.com₱388.60₱9991st yr only with 2 yr term
.store₱65.83₱4,529.11for first year
.co₱228.80₱1,7991st yr only with 2 yr term
.social₱122.33₱2,834.19for first year
.shop₱122.33₱2,551.71for first year
.vip₱404.82₱1,252.27for first year
.one₱348.32₱1,478.26for first year
.college₱122.33₱5,094.08for first year
.pics₱122.33₱2,495.21for first year
.site₱122.33₱2,834.19for first year
.info₱219₱1,399for first year
.org₱648.28₱999.18for first year
.website₱122.33₱2,269.22for first year
.fun₱122.33₱2,834.19for first year
.life₱122.33₱2,721.20for first year
.live₱122.33₱2,382.22for first year
.me₱659₱1,099for first year
.agency₱122.33₱2,043.23for first year
.ph₱969₱5,8291st yr only with 2 yr term
.online₱65.83₱2,834.19for first year
.space₱122.33₱2,269.22for first year
.biz₱570.26₱1,298.28for first year₱6,214.12/yr

Based on the current Godaddy domains, prices can range from around ₱65 to ₱969 per year depending on the extension.

The .com extension is one of the most popular and costs ₱388.60 for the first year currently.

Most of the domain extensions are cheaper for the first year when registering for 2 years.

Some of the cheapest options are .store, .online, and .space which start at ₱65.83. More niche extensions like .college and .pics cost ₱122.33.

The .ph national extension is one of the most expensive at ₱969 for the first year.

Below is a quick overview of the price ranges:

  • ₱65-122: .store, .online, .space, .shop, .site, etc.
  • ₱219-404: .info, .vip, .one
  • ₱388: .com
  • ₱648-969: .org, .ph

How to Register a Domain with Godaddy

Registering a domain name with Godaddy involves a few simple steps:

  1. Check domain availability – Go to and use their domain search bar to see if your desired domain is available. You can input the .com and other extensions to check.
  2. Select domain – Once you’ve found an available domain, select it and click on ‘Add to Cart’. This will add it to your shopping cart.
  3. Create account – Next you’ll need to create a Godaddy account if you don’t already have one. Enter your contact details and set a password.
  4. Purchase domain – Proceed through the checkout process by entering your payment details. Godaddy accepts major credit cards, Paypal, etc.
  5. Manage domain – After purchasing, you can log in to your Godaddy account to manage the domain settings, set up email, connect to a website, and more.

The domain will be registered in your name for the duration of the registration term.

You’ll need to renew it periodically to maintain ownership.

Do I Need a Domain to Start a Business?

Having a domain name is an important asset for any business online.

While you can technically start a business without one, most companies will benefit greatly from owning a domain for the following reasons:

  • BrandingA domain creates an identity that customers can recognize and remember. It’s part of your brand.
  • Credibility – A custom domain adds legitimacy and a professional image to a business.
  • Marketing – It provides a single web address for marketing purposes across platforms.
  • Ownership – Registering the domain secures the name to your business and prevents competitors from taking it.
  • Flexibility – You can use the domain across multiple online platforms and make changes easily.
  • Customization – Adding your business name or keywords in the domain helps with SEO and driving traffic.

Even simple online businesses and personal blogs should invest in a domain name early on to take advantage of the benefits it provides.

The process is quick and affordable, making domains accessible even to new businesses and startups.

What is a PH Domain?

A .ph domain is the national Philippines country code top level domain (ccTLD). PH stands for ‘Philippines’ and domains ending in .ph signify an association with the Philippines.

Some examples of .ph domains are:


A .ph domain can only be registered by an eligible Philippine resident or business entity. They are often used by local Philippine companies and organizations to establish a local online identity.

Benefits of a .PH Domain

Some key benefits of having a .ph domain include:

  • Localized identity – Signifies you are a Philippine individual, business, or organization.
  • Improved SEO – Helps search engines recognize you are targeting users in the Philippines.
  • Prestige – Considered prestigious compared to generic TLDs.
  • Restricted availability – Only eligible Philippine registrants can obtain one.
  • Support local economy – Registrations fund the non-profit PH domain registry PIRS.

For businesses targeting customers in the Philippines or wanting to establish themselves as a Philippine brand, a .ph domain can be worthwhile. They signal your Philippine presence more effectively than generic TLDs.

Registration Requirements

To register a .ph domain, registrants must provide the following:

  • Philippine residence – Proof of residence in the Philippines such as valid ID.
  • Philippine business registration – SEC, DTI, or CDA registration if registering as a business.
  • Contact information – Full name, physical address, phone number, and email.

The requirements are verified by the domain registrar to ensure only eligible registrants can obtain a .ph domain. Individuals can register domains for personal use while businesses can register domains related to their registered business name.

PH Domain Prices

The cost of a .ph domain can range between ₱600-3000 per year depending on the registrar.

Godaddy charges ₱969 for the first year and then ₱5829 on renewal. Some other Philippine registrars like DotPH offer .ph registration starting at ₱600 annually.

The .ph TLD is more expensive than generic TLDs but provides the benefits of a localized Philippine identity.

For businesses targeting the Philippine market, the higher price could be worth the improved branding and SEO advantages.


Registering a domain name with Godaddy provides affordable access to various global and local domain extensions.

While prices vary based on the TLD, many .com and niche domains can be purchased for under ₱500 per year initially.

The .ph national extension confers Philippine identity and localized SEO benefits at a higher price point.

Carefully weigh the costs against the advantages of each TLD to pick the right domain for your needs.

In summary:

  • Godaddy offers domain prices from ₱65 to ₱969 per year depending on the TLD.
  • Steps to register include checking availability, purchasing, and managing the domain.
  • Owning a domain is important for establishing business identity and credibility online.
  • .ph is the national Philippine ccTLD, standing for Philippines.
  • .ph domains provide local SEO benefits but have eligibility requirements and higher costs.


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