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How Long Can A Domain Be Registered For In The Philippines?

Domain names in the Philippines can be registered for 1-10 years initially.

After the initial registration period, domains can be renewed for 1-10 years at a time indefinitely, allowing you to hold a domain name permanently if desired.

Domain Registration Duration

The Philippines Country Code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) is .ph and is administered by dotPH. According to dotPH, the registration duration for .ph domains is:

  • Initial registration: 1-10 years
  • Renewal period: 1-10 years

There is no limit on the number of times a .ph domain can be renewed. As long as the registration fees are paid, the domain can be held indefinitely.

This table summarizes the registration duration:

Registration PeriodDuration
Initial1-10 years
Renewal1-10 years

Holding A Domain Name Permanently

To hold a .ph domain name permanently, you simply need to renew it continuously before expiration. As long as the renewal fees are paid, the registration can be maintained forever.

Here are some tips for holding a domain long-term:

  • Renew early – Renew your domain several months before it expires to avoid any lapse in registration.
  • Use auto-renew – Many registrars offer an auto-renewal option to renew your domain automatically each term. This prevents forgetting renewals.
  • Calendar reminders – Set calendar reminders for your domain’s expiration date to remember to manually renew.
  • Multi-year renewals – Renew your domain for multiple years at once to extend the time until your next renewal. The maximum renewal term is 10 years.

As long as you actively maintain and renew your domain registration, you can hold your .ph domain indefinitely.

Buying A Domain Name Permanently in the Philippines

When registering a new .ph domain name, you can choose an initial registration period of 1-10 years.

The longest initial registration is 10 years.

If you want to secure the rights to a domain name permanently from the start, registering for 10 years is recommended.

However, keep in mind you will need to renew for ongoing 10 year periods to maintain the domain indefinitely.

Alternatively, you can start with a shorter 1-3 year initial registration, and renew for longer periods after the first term is up.

This allows you to secure the domain name initially for less upfront cost.

No matter what initial registration duration you choose, you can hold the domain permanently by continuing to renew it on an ongoing basis. There is no limit to the number of renewals allowed.

Selling A .PH Domain Name

Yes, you can sell your .ph domain name to another party if desired. When selling a domain, the ownership and registration are transferred to the new owner.

Here is an overview of selling .ph domains:

  • The domain must be over 60 days old to be eligible for transfer.
  • You will need to unlock your domain with your registrar before transfer.
  • Use an authorized domain escrow service for the transaction. This facilitates the secure change of ownership.
  • The buyer will need to create an account with a .ph accredited registrar to receive the domain.
  • A small transfer fee is usually charged by the registrar.
  • The new owner will now be responsible for renewal fees to maintain the registration.

Selling an established domain name can sometimes command a higher price than the registration costs, providing a way to monetize your digital asset.

Popular keyword domains tend to have the highest resale value.

Renewal Requirements

To maintain a .ph domain registration, renewals are required prior to expiration:

  • Domains must be renewed before the expiration date or they will be deactivated.
  • The renewal duration can be 1-10 years each time.
  • Renewal fees are paid to accredited .ph domain registrars, who handle renewals on behalf of dotPH.
  • Typical renewal fees are around PHP 350-500 per year, depending on the registrar.
  • Renewal notifications are usually sent by the registrar around 1 month before expiration.
  • Some registrars offer automatic renewals to save having to manually renew each term.

Keeping track of your domain’s expiration date and making sure renewals are paid on time is important for avoiding unexpected expiration. Setting calendar reminders can help prevent accidentally forgetting your renewal.

What Happens After A Domain Expires

If a .ph domain expires without renewal, the domain will enter a grace period before being suspended and deleted:

  • Expiration – The domain enters expired status if not renewed by the expiration date
  • Redemption Grace PeriodThere is a 45-day grace window after expiration to renew a domain without penalty.
  • Pending Delete – If the domain is not renewed during the grace period, it will be suspended and enter pending delete status. All services like email, hosting etc are disabled.
  • Domain Delete – After 80 days in pending delete status, the domain is purged from the registry and deleted. It becomes available for anyone to re-register.
  • Redemption Fees – Reinstating a domain during the redemption grace period incurs an additional redemption fee of around PHP 2,000.

It’s advisable to renew your domain before expiration whenever possible, to avoid the redemption fees and risk of losing your domain if not renewed in time.

Setting reminders to renew early can help avoid unintended expiration.

In summary, .ph domains can be held indefinitely as long as renewal fees are paid every 1-10 years.

Letting your domain expire can result in losing your digital identity, so staying on top of renewals is important.

Setting up automatic renewals or calendar reminders can help you remember and maintain your domain long-term.


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