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Godaddy Website Builder In The Philippines

If you want to make your own website, GoDaddy can help. GoDaddy is a big company that helps you get a name for your website (it’s called a domain) and a place to put your website (it’s called hosting). 

They have a tool called GoCentral that helps you build your website. GoDaddy is so big that they have support available all the time, day and night.

Here are some cool things about GoDaddy:

  • Lots of people use it because they have more than 84 million names of websites with them.
  • GoCentral, the tool they have, lets you make online shops (eCommerce) in a simple way.
  • You can make your online shop just how you want it with many choices.
  • You can get paid in different ways because they have lots of payment options.
  • There’s a special thing called Yotpo that lets people say what they think about your things on your website.

When you want to choose a tool to make your online shop, think about:

  • How easy it is to use.
  • If it helps you get paid by people easily.
  • How you can keep track of what you have to sell.
  • If it’s safe for people to use your website (they call it SSL security).

People really like GoDaddy Website Builder because it’s easy to set up and has many things you can use.

GoCentral Benefits

GoDaddy’s website builder, called GoCentral, is a helpful tool for people who want to make a website without needing to know how to code. It’s super easy to use because you can drag and drop things to create and change your website.

What’s Great About GoCentral

1. No Coding Needed

You don’t have to be a computer expert. Just drag and drop to make your website look the way you want it.

2. Templates for Small Businesses

GoCentral has ready-made designs that look professional and are just right for small businesses in the Philippines.

3. Sell Stuff Online Easily

If you want to sell things on your website, GoCentral is good for that. It helps with accepting payments, keeping track of what you have, and managing orders.

4. Get Found on the Internet

The tool also has things to help your website show up when people search on the internet. This is called SEO, and it’s like making your website more visible.

Extra Help for Filipinos

If you prefer speaking in Filipino, GoDaddy has people you can call or chat with. They are ready to help you in the language you’re comfortable with.

Ideal Website Types to Build on GoCentral

If you’re thinking about making a website using GoCentral (which used to be called GoDaddy Website Builder), here are some great types you can choose:

1. Small Business Websites

Great for places like salons, clinics, and tutoring services.

Show off what you do and make it easy for new clients to find you.

2. Restaurant and Food Delivery Websites

If you own a restaurant, GoCentral has tools to help.

You can make a website with online ordering, show your menu, and even take reservations.

3. Personal Portfolios

For creative people who want to share their work.

Use GoCentral’s easy editor to make a cool website with pictures, fonts, and different layouts.

4. Basic Online Stores

If you want to sell things online, GoCentral’s Online Store Builder is handy.

You get over 100 templates to choose from, options for shipping, and ways for people to pay right on your site.

By picking the right type, GoCentral makes it easy to create the perfect website for your small business, restaurant, creative portfolio, or online store. It’s a simple way to get your ideas out there and connect with people!

Pricing Details 

When it comes to using GoDaddy’s services, they offer different ways for you to pay. Let’s break it down.

1. Free Trial Period

GoDaddy gives you a chance to try their services for free. For example, the GoDaddy Online Store lets you try it out for 14 days. During this time, you get to use all the cool things that come with a Premium subscription.

2. Monthly Bundled Pricing

GoDaddy has a plan where everything is bundled together and you pay every month. This includes your domain (that’s like your web address), hosting (where your website lives), and email.

The basic plan costs $9.99 each month, the premium plan is $14.99 per month, and the commerce plan is $19.99 per month.

3. Transaction Fees for Online Payments

If you’re running an online store and people buy things from you, GoDaddy takes a small fee for each transaction. For example, if someone pays with a credit or debit card online, GoDaddy charges 2.3% of the total amount plus 30 cents.

If the payment is in person with a credit or debit card, the fee is 2.3%, but there’s no extra 30 cents.

GoDaddy has a free trial to let you check if you like their stuff. You can choose a monthly plan that includes your web address, where your website lives, and email.

If you sell things online, GoDaddy will take a bit of money from each transaction. These choices help you pick what’s best for you and your budget.

Additional Features

GoDaddy has some cool things you can add to make your website even better. Let’s talk about them:

1. Add-ons for Managing Your Customers

GoDaddy gives you extra things like a mailing list manager and a way to book appointments. These help businesses talk to their customers and keep things organized.

2. Setting Up Your Own Email

GoDaddy has a guide to help you set up your own special email with your website’s name. This is great for making your business look professional when you email people.

3. Connecting with Payment Options

GoDaddy doesn’t talk about connecting with GCash, but it does let you use other ways to get paid, like Google Pay and Venmo. It also works with Square POS, which is good for businesses that sell things in a store and online.

GoDaddy’s extra things make it easier for businesses to be online. You can talk to customers and have a professional email with their help.

Even though they don’t mention GCash, you have other options to get paid, and you can connect your online and in-store sales with Square POS. So, GoDaddy’s extras are really helpful for managing your business online. 

Getting Support  

When you’re using GoDaddy, there are different ways they can help you, especially if you’re in the Philippines. Let’s explore the support options they offer:

1. Help with Technical Issues

GoDaddy is ready to assist you 24/7 if you face technical problems. You can reach out to them through phone support, live chat, or email. In the Philippines, there’s a local phone number on their website for you to get in touch.

2. Easy-to-understand Website Builder

Although GoDaddy’s main language is English, their website builder is made to be simple for everyone, even if English is not your first language.

If you’re looking to build your website, there are online resources like blogs and tutorials available. These resources can guide you step by step to make the process easier for you.

3. Connect with Other Users:

GoDaddy has a community forum where users from around the world, including the Philippines, can connect. Here, you can ask questions, share tips, and talk to other people who use GoDaddy’s website builder.

While it’s not just for the Philippines, it can be a good place to get advice and share experiences with other website builders.

GoDaddy cares about its users, and if you’re in the Philippines, there are ways they can help you. You can contact them for technical issues through phone, chat, or email.

The website builder is made to be easy to use, and there are blogs and tutorials to guide you. Connect with a community of users to share your thoughts and get advice on building your website.

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Final Thought on Godaddy Website Builder In The Philippines

In summary, GoCentral, previously known as GoDaddy Website Builder, is a super easy platform for making websites, even if you don’t know how to code. 

You can make professional-looking websites without any fancy coding skills. It has lots of cool things, like templates that work well on phones, connections to social media, many ways to get paid, and tools for making your site show up on Google and sending emails.

If you’re a small business in the Philippines and want to be on the internet, GoCentral is a great choice. It grows with you, so it’s good for tiny businesses that want to start online. 

And the best part? If you get stuck, GoDaddy is there to help you. They can help with tricky tech stuff, and there are blogs and lessons online to teach you. Plus, there’s a group of people who use GoCentral who chat and help each other.

All in all, GoCentral is a flexible and easy way to make a website. It’s not just for businesses but for anyone who wants to be on the web and look good doing it!

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